Two Key Concepts in Complete Streets: TSM & TDM

Increasing the available supply of roadways has been the traditional response to growing travel demand. However, there are alternative methods to utilize available capacity more efficiently. This analysis has been prepared for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority on the ability of Transportation Systems Management and Transportation Demand Management to provide a cost-effective alternative to costly capital projects. Furthermore, this paper provides guidelines for the MTA to expand Los Angeles’ Complete Streets programs using TSM and TDM based on review of relevant literature and case studies.

Freeway supply-side TSM strategies include HOV lanes, real-time traffic information for motorists, and meter signalization at on-ramps. TDM is a refinement of TSM strategies that are demand-side projects which aim to decrease automobile demand typically by shifting demand to other times of the day or by increasing vehicle occupancy. Research shows that TSM/TDM projects can reduce travel demand by 10-20%. The concept of Complete Streets provides critical support to implementing successful TDM and TSM strategies. Complete Streets programs emphasize the incorporation of multi-modal streets that are safe and accommodating for pedestrians, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Guidelines for the MTA to utilize when implementing TSM/TDM as a part of a complete street program for LA include: creating a Multi-Modal Level of Service, defining goals that are local in nature, engaging the private sector early, collecting data on pedestrians and bicycles, and conducting surveys of users of the TDM/TSM program to refine the program.

View the full analysis here.


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