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For a portion of my Master’s client project, I worked for the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research in conjunction with the California Center for Sustainable Communities and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to create a public  interactive website of electricity consumption for the City of Los Angeles.  The idea with the site is to communicate to decision makers how energy demands change in different areas of the city, and at different times in the year. The map has been published in news outlets such as the LA Times and Curbed LA.

Click on the map below to get started!

Average Electricity Hover Over

What you see here is average electricity consumption for each month at the Block Group level based on all customers (Commercial and Residential) in LADWP territory. On the site, there is the ability to press a “play” button, where the maps become animated and change for each month from 2011-2012.

You can scroll over each Block Group and a bar chart over time pops up, along with various Block Group characteristics such as Income, Year Built and Square Meters.

When you click on a specific Block Group, you get a closer look at that Block Group’s electricity consumption as well asa pie graph of land uses within the Block Group that helps to explain the variation in consumption:

Average Consumption Click

To help better display how much electricity consumption is changing over time, I created percent change maps for each month. Below, you see the percent increase or decrease in kWh from May to April of 2012:

Percent Change


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